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Our names are Joe and Sally Brandt, and we raise our free range Gloucester cross Tamworth pigs on our small holding just outside of Woolhope in Herefordshire.

Our aim is to offer fresh, locally grown pork that is not only more sustainable but also very tasty! We raise our pigs naturally, maturing more slowly than commercially reared pigs, and we give the animals a good standard of life in the best environment.

In the case of young Betty (pictured left), whom we hand reared earlier this year, the good life extends to eating whatever she can get her snout into - in this case the milk powder!

We have been selling our sausages, bacon and pork cuts at farmers markets, local events and our farm shop since 2010, and have previously won awards for our Traditional Pork sausages and Rosemary and Garlic sausages.

Inspired by the Herefordshire countryside and the elderflower that grows in the hedgerows surrounding the farm, we thought itsí unique flavour would be the perfect complement to our pork - and so it proved, as the
judges placed it first in the innovative category for British Sausage week 2014 in the West Midlands.


Tel: 01432 860839

New Road,

Eggs and veg
e-mail: joe.brandt@btconnect.com
Web: www.porkandtwoveg.co.uk

Other Outlets: Find us at local farmers markets, food events or visit our Veg & Egg shed at Alumhurst.

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